Danny Rubenstein

Danny Rubenstein

Danny Rubinstein is senior commentator for Haaretz on Palestinian affairs. He is also a member of the Palestine-Israel Journal editorial board and the author of a biography entitled, The Mystery of Arafat.


The People of Nowhere
The right of return as reflected in Israeli and Palestinian eyes
Are the Settlements an Obstacle to Peace?
Five categories of Jewish settlement in the territories conquered in 1967.
The Palestinian Exodus 1948
There is a direct correlation between Jewish attack and Arab departure.
AMaterial and Spiritual Homeland
The places left behind are the documents of Palestinian identity.
Palestinians and Israelis: An Uneven Curiosity
Palestinian efforts to get to know Israel better are not matched by a parallel interest among Israelis in the Palestinians.
The Arafat Enigma
Arafat 's greatest success was leading his people towards recognition of Israel

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