Adnan Abdelrazek

Adnan Abdelrazek

Adnan Abdelrazek is a Palestinian scholar and researcher and a former political affairs officer at the United Nations.


The Trump Plan: A Realization of the Original Zionist Colonial Scheme Which Disregards the Palestinians
It is clear that Israel’s anti-Palestinian drive — from “a land without a people for a people without a land” to “no Palestinian partner for peace” — remains the primary force behind the Israel-Zionist nation-building project.
Jerusalem: 25 years after Oslo – A UN perspective
A summary of UN General Assembly and Security Council resolutions following the Oslo Accords shows how, unlike the General Assembly resolutions, supported by great number of nations, the Security Council is prevented from being firmer with the Israeli violations and its obligations under the international law.
Occupied East Jerusalem: A Continuous Colonial Scheme
Palestinians in the annexed areas have been subjected to systematic Israeli policies to seize and Israelize their land, separating them from their West Bank families and socioeconomic and political life.
A UN Perspective on the Status of Jerusalem
An overview of the United Nations’ historical and current positions regarding the status of Jerusalem.
Palestinian Refugees’ Property in West Jerusalem: A Fortune Up for Grabs
Since 1948, Israel has carried out an illegal policy of confiscating the property of Palestinian refugees from West Jerusalem
Israeli Violation of UN Resolution 194 (III) and Others Pertaining to Palestinian Refugee Property
The fate of Palestinian property in Israel highlights the need to revive the UNCCP.

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