Hind Khoury

Hind Khoury

Ambassador Hind Khoury was the delegate general of Palestine in France (2006-10) and a former Palestinian minister of state for Jerusalem Affairs.


The Trump Plan: Personal Views from Palestine and Israel
With its vested interest in the preservation of international law, the world will not accept the plan's legitimization of Israel’s annexation of Palestinian lands.
Jerusalem for All Times
There is a dire need to seek a political solution and to postpone negotiations about narratives, history and religion until peace is restored and, with it, the freedom to discuss, negotiate and research freely.
Between Now and Then: A More Realistic View of Palestinian History and Identity
While Palestinians have long understood their national identity to be pluralistic and not based on religion, a more exclusive Zionist narrative post-1967 has sought to deny their historical existence in their homeland.
Challenges Set in Stone: The Iron Wall and Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process
Civil Society: From Advocacy to Social Change
In a time of revolution and a deadlocked peace process, we need a civil society that can mobilize the political, social, economic, cultural and human potential of our societies for social change
The Arab Re-Awakening and the Hopes for a Palestinian State
The “Arab re-Awakening” should push all Arab governments to make collective Arab interests across the region, including the establishment of a Palestinian state, a focus of their policies, strategies and action.
What Would Be Different If the Peace Process Was Run by Women?
The potential impact of a women on the peace process.

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