Horror and disgust
We, Jews and Palestinians in Germany, have been active for the past eight years in the interest of a peaceful solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, on the basis of mutual recognition and the establishment of a Palestinian state adjacent to Israel.
The mass murder in Hebron by a member of the racist settlers' movement Kach cannot but arouse horror and disgust. We urgently demand the disarming of all settlers and the progressive dismantling of the settlements in the occupied territories, security guarantees for the Palestinians in the territories, and confidence-building measures on the part of the Israeli government and the uninterrupted continuation of peace negotiations.

The Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue Group in Munich.

Grief, anger and resentment

On hearing of the tragic events in Hebron on February 25, we would like to offer our sincere and heartfelt sympathy to the victims and their families. Such a senseless and barbarous act cannot and should not be excused. As a Jewish organization, we in the Danish section of New Outlook have worked with due humility to help create a dialogue between Jews and Palestinians in Israel and abroad. We hope that fanaticism and contempt of human life held by a few will not permit the fanatics to succeed in their wish to destroy what has been achieved. In these circumstances, high priority should be given to the protection and security of the Palestinians.

Per Katz

New Outlook in Denmark


I would like to express my appreciation of the fact that in spite of the harsh events which we have experienced and are still experiencing, Ziad Abu Zayyad, Victor Cygielman and all the Israeli and Palestinian members of the Editorial Board of the Journal are continuing with this important joint project.

Yossi Amitay, Kibbutz Gvulot

Good, but …
I have read your magazine from cover to cover. It's good, very good in fact. However, two things have to be kept in mind. One, a little more care about the quality of writing: people don't like hastily written things even if the ideas are sound. Two, you need more guest writers, specialists who will apply their experience - since with situations in flux you require such empirical judgment.
All the best.

Sa'id K. Aburish,

The Communist contribution

I much appreciate the first issue of your interesting journal and I have already paid my annual subscription. Allow me, however, to comment on the article of my friend and colleague Victor Cygielman, "The Road to Mutual Recognition" in your winter issue.
Victor writes that "Writers like Amos Oz, A.B. Yehoshua and David Grossman, political figures such as Arieh (Lova) Eliav, Shulamit Aloni and Yael Dayan, journalists like Nathan Yellin-Mor, Uri Avneri, Boas Evron, Amos Keynan, and indefatigable peace campaigners like Abie Nathan, increasingly denounced the fiendishness and injustice of the rule of one people over another",
Quite true and I do not wish to diminish the role of anyone of those named. But I, as author of the book Palestinians - Past and Present and Victor Cygielman, who himself belongs to the same category of fighters for peace, is well aware that long before those mentioned (with the possible exception of Nathan Yellin-Mor) there were writers, political figures and journalists calling for "two states for two peoples" and holding talks on peace with the Palestinian leadership and the PLO. Cygielman surely knows that the Israeli Communist leaders did this over twenty years ago. Could it be that he did not mention any of them because they are Communists?
The Communist leaders, in common with the Palestinian Communists, did their best to convince the PLO leadership that there are also champions of peace among the left Zionist camp in Israel. Increasingly, peace talks got under way with these and other parties until even such "hawks" as Rabin and his government finally became convinced that there was no other way to assure peace and security but to come to terms with the PLO leadership.
With greetings and best wishes for the success of the Palestine-Israel Journal.

Hans Lebrecht,

A Step in the Right Direction
By chance, I came across the first edition of the Palestine-Israel Journal. I think it is very interesting, and as a Palestinian I believe the protracted conflict has led to so much suffering on both sides that it is now important to reach out along with the Israelis, and to try to work together towards a better understanding of each other. The Journal has a symbolic value, in addition to its important informational, analytical and educational aspects.
Is there a way such a journal can be presented in Arabic and Hebrew, so that it becomes accessible to more Palestinians and Israelis? I realize that this is another big project itself, but I hope somebody will do it.
The fact that each edition will focus on a different aspect will hopefully ensure that the issues will be treated in depth as they deserve. It also underlines the enormity of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the long road still ahead of us when seeking co-existence and a better future for both peoples.
I think that the Palestine-Israel Journal is a step in the right direction, and I hope that many others will follow suit. I wish you good luck.

Tony Khoury