Nazmi Ju’beh

Nazmi Ju’beh

Nazmi Ju'beh is co-director of Riwaq (Center for Architectural Conservation).


East Jerusalem: 40 Years of Occupation
In discussions of Jerusalem’s future, the people are usually forgotten or marginalized.
A Palestinian State As a Natural Outcome of the Peace Process
Palestine and Israel: Equality or Apartheid
Needed: the political courage to take sensitive decisions.
The Palestinian Attachment to Jerusalem
Jerusalem is a symbol of Palestinian religious, political and national identity.
Sheikh Hassan Al-Labadi
The strange life and death of a man who embodied the collective Palestinian memory.
Jewish Settlement in the Old City of Jerusalem after 1967
Double standards are applied to permit Israelis what is denied to Palestinians.
The Palestinian Refugee Problem and the Final Status Negotiations: A Review of Positions
A summary of Palestinian-Israeli disagreements on the refugee issue and potential compromises in search of its resolution

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