Susie Becher

Susie Becher

Susie Becher is Managing Editor of the Palestine-Israel Journal, a collaborative quarterly published in Jerusalem; is Communications Director of the Policy Working Group, a team of senior academics, former diplomats, human rights defenders, and media experts who advocate for an end to the occupation and a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; and serves on the Steering Committee of Zulat, an activist think tank advocating for human rights and equality in Israel.


Democracy by Jews and for Jews
The appearance of a lone Palestinian speaker at the protest rallies serves to highlight the fact that the Palestinian issue is not on the minds of the masses who are fighting to protect a democracy that was flawed from the outset.
Keeping the Faith
With the Israeli occupation in its 56th year and no solution in sight, it is morality that compels us to keep the faith in the struggle to end the occupation.
Will Biden Recognize the Moral Imperative to End the Occupation?
Renewing aid, including funding for UNRWA and USAID operations in Palestine; reopening the PLO Mission in Washington; and reopening the U.S. Consulate in East Jerusalem as a direct channel to Ramallah would constitute important first steps, but the Biden administration must do more to get the two sides back to the negotiating table.
The Trump Plan: Personal Views from Palestine and Israel
With its vested interest in the preservation of international law, the world will not accept the plan's legitimization of Israel’s annexation of Palestinian lands.


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