Marianne Zepp

Marianne Zepp

Dr. Marianne Zepp is an historian who worked until 2018 as director of the contemporary history department of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin and served as 2011 to 2015 program director for the Foundation's German-Israeli dialogue program in Tel Aviv from 2011 to 2015. She has written on the German post-war history and the German-Israeli relationship, and since 2016 she has been on the board of the diAk. She is a member of the Historical Peace Research Working Group and the Research Institute for Peace Policy and lives in Berlin


The (West) German Perspective on Israel: A History of Projection
Post-Holocaust Germany developed a politics of remembrance that promoted an unconditional solidarity with Israel, however, the extreme right has a reductionist view of Israel which rejects the idea that people of different faiths, origins, and cultures can live together.

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