Dalal Iriqat

Dalal Iriqat

Dalal Iriqat is Assistant Professor at the Arab American University Palestine AAUP. She is a weekly columnist at Al Quds Newspaper since 2016, was designated a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum YGL 2021, and is the Founding President of Business & Professional Women BPW Palestine 2022.


Seventy-Five years of Ongoing Nakba: 75 Years of Israeli Occupation
These tactics of Hamas and Israel enabled short-term victories for both at the expense of a long-term resolution.
Three Decades of a Process Without Peace: How to Break the Impasse?
Although Israel breached the signed agreements with the Palestinians and continues to violate international law, the world allows it to sustain a cost-free occupation with Jewish supremacy over the entire land.
The “Deal of the Century” from a Palestinian Perspective
The Trump plan is a wake-up call for the Palestinian people and the sleeping international community, which must take action against the plan's racist vision instead of issuing statements and passing resolutions.
MEPP Mediation in the 21st Century
Twenty-eight years after the Madrid Peace Conference and 26 years after the signing of the Oslo Accords in Washington, the urgency of a new mediation effort is clear.


  • Deal of the Century - Summary