Srruthi Lekha Raaja Elango

Srruthi Lekha Raaja Elango

Srruthi Lekha Raaja Elango is UN representative for peacebuilding and leadership and youth action initiative coordinator of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, Geneva.


Empowerment, Education, and Engagement of Youth for Peace
To de-escalate the conflict and to promote peaceful governance, we need to maximize the political participation of the region’s majority population — youth — through changes in mandatory military service, the education system, and civil society support.
1325 and 2250: The Responsibility to Protect Both Women and Youth
The implementation of international human rights protections such as UNSCR 1325 and 2250 and the Responsibility to Protect doctrine is more than an obligation if we are to attain justice, peace, security, and democracy in the region; it is the future.

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