Ayed Atmawi

Ayed Atmawi

Ayed Atmawi is a 33-year-old Palestinian political and peace activist from Qalqilia. He is currently the Program Director at the Palestinian Peace Coalition – Geneva Initiative since 2015. He is responsible for enhancing moderate voices in the Palestinian society and educating the Palestinian youth on the substantive fruits of both reconciliation and peace. He holds a BA in English Language and Literature from An-Najah National University in Nablus, where he conducted research that examined the relations between the East and West during Shakespearean times. In 2013, he was rewarded a scholarship at King’s College London, where he focused on the attitudes of young Palestinians towards their leadership, political participation and current social changes.


Palestine’s Youth and the 2021 Elections: The Burden and Responsibility of Choice
The shift in the national attitude toward young people is a valuable opportunity for them to invest in the newly found trust they have achieved, but it is also a heavy responsibility and burden.

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