Daniel Bar-Tal

Daniel Bar-Tal

Daniel Bar-Tal is a Branco Weiss Professor of Research in Child Development and Education at the School of Education at Tel Aviv University. His research interest is in political and social psychology studying socio-psychological foundations of intractable conflicts and peace-building, as well as development of political understanding among children and peace education. He was co-editor of the Palestine-Israel Journal (2001-05).


Changes in Youth Attitudes Toward the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Since 2000
Religious Zionism has become a very important leading force in the Ministry of Education and its interventions in public schools and emphasis on curricula emphasizing national-religious values over openness and critical thinking.
Israeli Democracy Will Not Survive the Occupation
Those working to strengthen the continued occupation, or “occupartheid,” are undermining democracy in Israel itself through discrimination, suppression of pluralism and freedom of expression, disregard for the law, and manipulation of the justice, legal, security, and medical systems.
The Processes and Mechanisms of the Occupation: Dangers and Challenges
The occupation has created processes that have dramatically changed the Israeli state and society, and only with the return of political power to the majority will it be possible to set in motion a process that will lead to the end of the occupation.
After 50 Years: Save Israel, Stop the Occupation
Jews who care about their Jewish identity and Israel need to join the struggle to save Israel from nationalist, anti-democratic, racist, and xenophobic currents.
Thoughts on the 2014 Gaza War
Societal Beliefs and Emotions as Socio-Psychological Barriers to Peaceful Conflict Resolution
Open Letter from My Mind and My Heart: The Way I View the Situation
Profound, painful thoughts and observations after the Gaza War are shared.
Evaluating the 60 Years: The Half-Full and Half-Empty Glass
Despite its gains, Israel faces political, economic, diplomatic and societal failures.
The Arab Image in Hebrew School Textbooks
How the Arabs were represented in Hebrew textbooks in Jewish and Israeli schools over one hundred years.
The Lebanon War, the Peace Camp, and Israel
The hope is that Israel will choose peace with the Palestinians and Syria.
Why Israel Does Not Want to Negotiate
Illuminating the intentions, goals and policies of the Israeli government
Identities: Conflict or Conciliation?
Societal Beliefs in Israel: from Conflict to Peace
The psychological infrastructure in war and peace
Farewell after Four Challenging Years
The Influence of Events and (Mis)information on Israeli-Jewish Public Opinion: The Case of the Camp David Summit and the Second Intifada
The Case of the Camp David Summit and the Second Intifada ..... The misinformation provided by Barak contributed to a psychological earthquake
Needed: Psychological Transformation of Israeli Leaders
Separation or Conciliation
No More Violence
Dangerous Intentions

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