Alon Liel

Alon Liel

Dr. Alon Liel, a former director general of the Foreign Ministry, served as Israel’s first ambassador to democratic South Africa (under Nelson Mandela) from 1992-1994.


Give Peace a Chance – Free Marwan Barghouti
Comparing the history of Marwan Barghouti with that of Nelson Mandela, one wonders if future generations will understand why Israel kept Barghouti from leading his people to peace for so long.
Comparable to South Africa? “Within Israel, It Is Not Apartheid. But in the OccupiedTerritories, It Is”
I do not think the situation within Israel is comparable to South Africa, but in the West Bank, our control over what happens is total.
Remembering Desmond Tutu
Chomsky-Klug: A Present and Future Perspective
Trump’s “Deal of the Century” Is Modeled on South African Apartheid
Trump's "Deal of the Century" is a new Bantustan plan modeled after the plan advanced by South Africa's apartheid regime 40 years ago, and the international community must once again make its voice heard loud and clear in opposition.
Is the Two-State Solution Still Applicable?
With Israel scoring diplomatic victories despite the collapse of the peace process and strengthening its hold over the West Bank, it may soon be facing the challenges of a bi-national state and a rift with world Jewry
UN Security Council Resolution 2334: An Important Lease on Life for the Two-State Solution
Both the standing of the UN as a whole and the fate of Resolution 2334 will be determined by the struggle between Trump and Haley on one side and the rest of the world on the other.
From Guinness Beer to the Nobel Peace Prize: An Interview with Mairead Maguire
Europe Should and Can Make the Difference
Israeli Gas Exports as a Vehicle for Enhancing Regional Cooperation
Chapters on South African civil society from his book “Equalizer: Building the New South Africa”
The Turkish Model and the Arab Spring
Turkey’s success in combining Islam and secularism as well as in taking the military out of political and civilian life should serve as a model for the new and evolving revolutionary regimes
Ten Principles for Solving the Refugee Problem
Guidelines for future negotiators on the refugee problem remain the same after 10 years.
Syria Comes to Annapolis
Syria’s attendance at Annapolis may lead to renewed peace talks with Israel as an alternative to the Palestinian track.
People-to-People: Telling the Truth about the Israeli-Palestinian Case
So far, P2P has failed, but we must keep trying.


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