Manuel Hassassian

Manuel Hassassian

Prof. Manuel Hassassian is a professor of political science,a Palestinian diplomat, former Executive Vice Presidentof Bethlehem University, and the President of PalestinianRectors conference in Palestine.


The Challenges to Palestinian Democracy: A Catch-22
A keen-eyed observer cannot overlook the discrepancies in Palestinian democracy, but overriding factor is the Israeli occupying authorities’ obstruction of the democratization process while keeping Palestinian society in a state of disarray, making democracy impossible to attain.
75th Commemoration of Recuperation, Reclamation and Remembrance
The media systematically blames the victims for resisting occupation along their quest for freedom; it is so biased that it has become a partisan to the conflict.
Palestine: A Forgotten Just Cause
There will never be an Israeli military solution if the Palestinians continue to remain steadfast and to fight for their freedom through unarmed, peaceful resistance.
A Paradigm Shift from Two-State to One-State Solution
With the one-state solution emerging as an alternative with fewer pros than cons, the Oslo Accords need to be reframed and expanded, and a mutually accepted political/ economic framework developed, if the two-state solution is to be revived.
The Palestinian Christians Are Integral in the Palestinian National Movement
Contrary to portrayals in Western social media, Palestinian Christians and Muslims are united in resisting the Israeli occupation, which is the true cause of Christian emigration.
Let’s Make Peace, Not Weapons of Mass Destruction
An Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement could neutralize the Iranian nuclear peril and allow the long-term possibility of making the ME a nuclear weapons-free zone, Israel included.
Understanding the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict: Lessons from an Unusual Classroom
A fifteen-step joint approach to fairly and thoroughly teaching about the Israeli- Palestinian conflict and approaching a mutual understanding of the region’s past, present and future
Historical Dynamics Shaping Palestinian National Identity
The historical and ideological forces that shaped Palestinian national identity from the beginning of the twentieth century to the Al Aqsa Intifada.
From Armed Struggle to Negotiation
The Palestinian national leadership has created the institutions to adapt itself to changing conditions over the years
The Emigration of Soviet Jews to Palestine and Israel
A detailed analysis of this emigration shows that for the Palestinians it narrows opportunities for a peaceful solution to the conflict
Arafat: a Political Biography by Alan Hart
Reviewed by Manuel Hassassian
The Evolution of the Palestinian Refugee Problem
An integral part of the multilateral talks, the problem must receive greater priority.
U.S. National Interests in the Middle East
Israel, the U.S.A. and the Palestinian Authority lack credibility among Palestinians.


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