Safa Dhaher

Safa Dhaher

Safa Husni Dhaher is a PhD candidate in the Local Development and Global Dynamics Program of the University of Trento- Italy, and a Master degree in Social Sciences and Humanitarian Affairs from La Sapienza University of Rome- Italy. She was the Vice Head of Human Resources and a lecturer of university requirement courses at al-Quds University in Jerusalem.


After 25 Years of the Oslo Accords: Reality on the Ground Explains It Well
I feel angry not only because this agreement failed to fulfill the aspirations of the Palestinian people but also because Israel has used the time since Oslo to confiscate more land to expand existing settlements and to build new ones.
The Psychological Impact of 50 Years Occupation
Palestinian society is fragmented by the long-term trauma — exacerbated in some cases by aspects of its own culture — and everyday struggles imposed by the ongoing Israeli occupation.
Al-‘Eizariya (Bethany) and the Wall: From the Quasi-Capital of Palestine to An Arab Ghetto

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