Izhak Schnell

Izhak Schnell

Izhak Schnell is Chairman of the Department of Geography & Human Environment at Tel Aviv University and President of the Israeli Geographical Association. He is also an editorial board member of the PIJ.


Changes in Youth Attitudes Toward the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Since 2000
Religious Zionism has become a very important leading force in the Ministry of Education and its interventions in public schools and emphasis on curricula emphasizing national-religious values over openness and critical thinking.
The Impact of German Youth Tours on Attitudes Toward the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Educational tours by German youth to Israel promote an understanding and empathy for the Israelis, but they tend to provide a limited understanding of Palestinian reality.
My Oslo
From the euphoria of the first days following Oslo to the loss of direction today, the peace process went through waves of ups and downs.
The Impact of Occupation on Israeli Democracy
The Israeli occupation has eroded Israeli democracy through a narrow neo-Zionist patriotism, a culture of disregard for the law and a divided national identity.
After 50 Years: Save Israel, Stop the Occupation
Jews who care about their Jewish identity and Israel need to join the struggle to save Israel from nationalist, anti-democratic, racist, and xenophobic currents.
Borders in Jerusalem
A two-state solution will require the establishment of a controlled border running through Jerusalem
The Hidden Treasure of the Palestinian Economy: The Economic Implications of Refugee Compensation
Refugee compensation could bring rapid development and stability to the future state.
The Unilateral Consensus in Israeli Society
Could the withdrawal be a first stage for building trust through coordination?
Introduction: The Ethics of Unilateralism
Demography and Politics in the Palestinian Authority
Without lowering the birthrate, there is no chance to stabilize Palestinian society. (This article was written as part of a project supported by IKV-Interchurch Peace Council, Netherlands.)
Forms of Separation Between Israel and Palestine
An introduction to the Issue

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