Michael M. Cohen

Michael M. Cohen

Rabbi Michael Cohen is a visiting faculty member at Bennington’s Center for the Advancement of Public Action teaching classes on conflict resolution, as well as different aspects of Biblical studies, and he also teaches at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies. He has written extensively about the environment and the Middle East peace process in North American and Middle Eastern publications and is the author of Einstein’s Rabbi: A Tale of Science and the Soul. Since 2000 he has divided his time between Vermont and Kibbutz Ketura, Israel.


What Conflict Resolution Theories Can Offer as a Different Approach to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Conflict resolution theories do not necessarily provide answers to mitigate and end conflict; they provide invaluable tools for better analyzing and for suggesting how to diminish cause and symptoms.
The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies: Nature Knows No Borders
Joint environmental work as a tool for reconciliation.

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