Letter from Northern Ireland to Peaceworkers in Israel and Palestine

photo credit: Flash90

Dear Friends,

As war rages once again in your region, I write to encourage you in your work for peace. I know how much you are doing to try to make life better for the people with whom you work.

I have twice spent time in your country in 2004 and 2009 and I met with many of those who, like you, are trying to promote peace.

I am sure that it cannot be easy to hold onto hope at such as time as this. But please know that there are many people around the world who in solidarity with you want PEACE, justice and reconciliation.

Here, I will continue to encourage our leaders to support the efforts of peaceful people and groups such as you. I am also telling people that there is another story behind the headlines and that there are many who work for peace.

Despite progress, we still have problems after our conflict in Northern Ireland. The work you do now sows the seeds of a better future.

Please keep hope alive. With warmest wishes,

John Harkin

Oakgrove Integrated College, August 2014

Mission statement: “Oakgrove College is based on the ethos that everyone is equal and has the right not to be discriminated against in any way, particularly with regard to religious or cultural identity, or gender, or ability. We aim to do this by developing the self-esteem of each member of the school community.”

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