Tony Klug

Tony Klug

Dr. Tony Klug has written extensively on Israeli-Palestinian issues. He is a special advisor on the Middle East to the Oxford Research Group and a consultant to the Palestine Strategy Group and the Israel Strategic Forum. His Ph.D. thesis was on Israel's policies in the West Bank from 1967 through 1973. He writes here in his personal capacity.


Should Trump’s “Vision” for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Be Taken Seriously?
There is an urgent need for a practical alternative plan, such as a rejuvenated Arab Peace Initiative, around which most of the international community can unite.
Is There a Plausible Alternative to The Two-State Solution?
A two-state formula is still the only plausible “solution”, but ensuring that it remains feasible requires strategic leadership from Palestinian and Israeli activists who share a firm commitment to ending the occupation.
A Palestinian State Now or Equal Rights Until There Is a Solution
Israel must either end the occupation without further procrastination and pretext, and work with the Palestinians to build their own state or, pending a future final settlement, grant equal rights in the meantime to everyone subject to Israeli jurisdiction.
A Never-Ending Occupation: The End of Hope?
Israel must either end the occupation and recognize Palestine, or grant equal rights to Palestinians until the longer-term future is determined.
Two States: By Design or Disaster
Without a negotiated two-state settlement, eventually a bedraggled Palestinian state could emerge alongside an isolated and widely despised Jewish state.
Have the Arab Uprisings Lost Their Spring?
At this time of profound change, full of both opportunity and menace, if Israel fails to bring its occupation to a swift end, there is no prospect for its being accepted into the region.
Meeting the Iranian Challenge
The best way for Israel to combat the perceived Iranian threat is to embrace the Arab Peace Initiative, do the two-state bargain with the Palestinians and conclude a deal with Syria.
The Last Chance Saloon
We must seize the opportunity to establish two viable states before it is too late.
How Peace Broke Out in the Middle East: A Short History of the Future
Unilateral declarations of principle or conditional intent could create momentum.
The Infernal Scapegoat
Israeli society tends to self-delusion rather than self-criticism in its approach to what happened at Camp David.
Imagine No Excuses
A UN authorized interim third-party protectorate is the way


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