Bernard Sabella

Bernard Sabella

Dr. Bernard Sabella is a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC).


A Personal Perspective on Germany's Role toward a Resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
Can Germany play a role to help resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, given its past and its disposition toward the State of Israel and the Jewish people?
Is the Two-State Solution Feasible?
We need leadership on both sides to put back on the agenda the two-state solution, which has been weakened by settlement activity, the U.S. administration's pro-Israel positions and efforts to "bribe" Arab and Gulf states, and Palestinians' internal division.
The Status of Christians within Palestinian and Arab Society: Identity at a Transitional Time
To face our political, social, cultural and economic challenges, Palestinians of all religions must reaffirm the best of our past and present, celebrate our humanity and overcome the prejudices that come with narrow identities.
Some Personal Recollections: Sixty Years since 1948
Early memories of a Palestinian Jerusalemite refugee in East Jerusalem.
Sixty Years into the Nakba: The Hopelessness of the Times?
The trajectory of the Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories since 1948 to date.
The Socioeconomic Impact of the Wall on East Jerusalem
The separation wall has made of thousands of Palestinians exiles in their own homes.
A Survey of Palestinian Living Conditions, FAFO
A Norwegian-Palestinan survey and its implications
Palestinian-Israeli Enmity: the Process of Transformation
The peace process, against the background of the historical Israeli-Palestinian enmity, is not yet reconciliation. This must await a process of transformation which will take time.
A Palestinian Christian Perspective on Conflict and Peace with the Jews and Israel
Palestinian and Israeli parents should teach their children the mt.’aning of justice and openness
Reconciliation with Separation: Is It Possible in the Palestinian-Israeli Case?
Israeli separation calls into question the work of encounter groups.
New Historiography Challenges Old Narratives
The Israel-Palestine Question, edited by Ilan Pappe, reviewed by Bernard Sabella Israeli and Palestinian historians are examining the Arab-Israeli conflict in this new anthology.

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