Samir HuleiIeh

Samir HuleiIeh

Samir Huleileh was cabinet secretary in the Palestinian Authority in 2005-2006 and undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy and Trade in 1994-97. He was on the negotiations teams for the Paris Protocol in 1993 and the multilateral talks with Israel and others in 1991-92. He is managing director of the Palestine office of Portland Trust, a private British foundation committed to encouraging peace and stability between Palestinians and Israelis through economic development.


Facing the Deep Crisis: How Will the Palestinian Authority Meet the Challenges of theNew Reality?
The Palestinian Authority needs to take on a greater role of empowering its people, working with the private sector and civil society to build the components needed for economic resilience, continued resistance against the occupation and perseverance in the national struggle.
New Realities
Restructuring Palestinian-Israeli Economic Relations - An interview
A good economic agreement was undermined by security and political considera tions.
Crash Program for Economic Survival
The Declaration of Principles comes at a time when Palestinian economic institutions are facing collapse; emergency relief is essential.

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