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Our Jerusalem
Vol.2 No.2 1995 covers/vol2-2cover.jpg

Table of Contents


  • Our Jerusalem
         by Ziad AbuZayyad and by Victor Cygielman

    Letters to the Editors
  • Letters to the Editors

  • Monologue of a Jerusalem Councilor
          What goes on behind the curtain of municipal blindness.
         by Anat Hoffman

  • Jerusalem: Logic and Emotions
          Israeli practices in Jerusalem are a threat to peace.
         by Ziad AbuZayyad

  • A Shared Jerusalem
          Nothing should undermine the reciprocity of goodwill and mutual aid.
         by Yehudi Menuhin

  • The Significance of Jerusalem: A Muslim Perspective
          The Palestinians must control Arab Jerusalem and Muslim religious sites.
         by Ziad Abu-Amr

  • The Significance of Jerusalem: AJewish Perspective
          Jewish religion is national, and Jewish nationhood is religious.
         by Raphael Jospe

  • The Significance of Jerusalem: A Christian Perspective
          Jerusalem is the core of the Christian faith.
         by Geries S. Khoury

  • Jerusalem: the View from Tel Aviv
          Tel Aviv is the real capital of modern Israel.
         by Hillel Schenker

  • The Legal Status of Jerusalem
          A flagrant violation of international law, tolerated by the international community.
         by Jonathan Kuttab

  • East Jerusalem: A Case Study in Political Planning
          How Israel has gained control of 87% of the land of East Jerusalem.
         by Sarah Kaminker

  • On Jerusalem
          The saddest part is the ravishing of the hills, valleys and countryside of the city.
         by Sari Nusseibeh

  • Would King David Have Approved?
          Celebrating a pluralistic 3,OOOth anniversary.
         by Daniel Gavron

  • The Palestinian Attachment to Jerusalem
          Jerusalem is a symbol of Palestinian religious, political and national identity.
         by Nazmi Ju’beh

  • The Third Jerusalem: the Ultra-Orthodox Dimension
          Can the ultra-Orthodox take over Jerusalem?
         by Ilan Shahar

  • In Search of Solutions
          A special Palestine-Israel Journal discussion with Dr. Mahdi Abdul-Hadi, Dr. Meron Benvenisti, Prof. Naomi Chazan MK, Ibrahim Dakkak and Robin Twite.

  • ’Separation’, ’Normalization’ and Occupation
          The dilemmas of a joint venture by Palestinian and Israeli women.
         by Daphna Golan

    Book Review
  • The Dimensions of Jerusalem
          Jerusalem, City of Mirrors by Amos Elon; reviewed by Dan Leon.

    Journal Jottings
  • Boas Evron and Khaled Abu Aker

  • The Cost of the Closure: Israeli Economic Measures in East Jerusalem
          Dr. Samir Abdullah is interviewed by Stephanie Nolen.

  • Jerusalem: Legacy and Deprivation
          Excerpts from This Side of Peace: A Personal Account
         by Hanan Ashrawi

  • Jerusalem Poems
         by Yehuda Amichai

  • Face Lost in the Wilderness
         by Fadwa Tuqan

  • B’Tselem Report
    A Policy of Discrimination: Land Expropriation, Planning and Building in East Jerusalem

    Chronology of Events
  • January 1 - April 1, 1995
          Edited by Anat Cygielman

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