Ziad AbuZayyad

Ziad AbuZayyad

Ziad AbuZayyad is the co-Founder and co-Editor of Palestine Israel Journal. He is a lawyer, graduate of Damascus University. He is a weekly columnist at al-Quds Arabic Daily, a former Palestinian Authority minister, former legislator, and former negotiator.


Oct. 7th Attack and the War on Gaza!
Getting out of this vicious cycle of violence through a political initiative.
Democracy on the Defensive in Israel and Palestine
Amidst the Horror Lies an Opportunity for Peace
The Choice Between Fanatic Fundamentalism or Democracy and Equality For All
There is no doubt that the success of these so-called “reforms” will mark the beginning of the end of secular Zionism and the institutionalization of the state of Halachic law.
One Celebrates Independence While the Other Commemorates the Nakba
Time For Jewish-Arab Joint Struggle Against Fanaticism and Racism
The more the Israeli politics shift to the right and to the religious right and discloses its intentions against the Palestinians, the more the Palestinians opt to violence and extremism.
Future Scenarios – Where Do We Go from Here?
Twenty-eight Years of Relentless Efforts to Maintain Hope till Mission Accomplished
Which of the Three Bitter Scenarios is More Acceptable
Palestinian Elections on the Runway: Taking Off or Crashing Down?
The overwhelming majority of Palestinians want the presidential and legislative elections to go forward, despite the complications, and Israel is obligated, under the international agreements that it has signed, to facilitate voting in East Jerusalem.
Israeli and Palestinian Youth Face the Future
Farewell to Dr. Saeb Erekat
1325, Peace, and Security in the Shadow of COVID-19
25th Anniversary of the Palestine-Israel Journal
A Recipe for Permanent, Perpetual Conflict
The Trump plan has given Israel the green light to turn the temporary occupation into permanent annexation, thereby achieving its true goal of changing the paradigm of the two-state solution and leave us with an apartheid state.
The Steal of the Century
Israel, Germany, Palestine: A Challenging Triangle
What Can the International Community Do to Stop Creeping Annexation and Revive the Two-State Paradigm
What is needed is a determined international stand against the illegal Jewish settlements, against the Israeli occupation and against Israeli annexation.
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict at a Crossroads
The Jewish Nation-State Law Supporters Will Achieve The Opposite Of What They Wanted
The Jewish Nation-State Law Supporters Will Achieve The Opposite Of What They Wanted
The Politics Behind the Right Wing Legislation
Over the last 10 years we have witnessed unprecedented, intensive legislative activity, emboldened and influenced by the growing power of the right wing in the Israeli Knesset, to strengthen efforts to undermine Jewish and Arab democratic and liberal forces on one hand, and violate the rights and interests of Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel and Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza (OPT) on the other.
Jerusalem–Alternatives to Discrimination and Confrontation
President Trump's Decision on Jerusalem Lacks International Legitimacy and Strategic Vision
President Trump decision lacks international legitimacy and encourages Israel to continue its occupation and colonial activities.
After 50 Years of Occupation, It Is Time for Justice and Peace: If Not Sharing the State, then a Fair Sharing of the Land
Revisiting the November 1947 UNGA Resolution 181, the Partition Plan, adjusting it to today’s reality or applying it as is.
Lessons to Be Learned from the Irish Peace Process: A Palestinian Perspective
The Northern Ireland Peace Process and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: Similarities and Lessons to Be Learned
Jerusalem Looks Calm, but It Is Not!
The Dual Legal System: Apartheid Regime or Two-State Solution
Young Voices from the United-Divided City of Jerusalem
Unraveling Arab Regimes Pave the Way to a New ME with Islamic Prospects
The Middle East is going through a decades-long phase of painful labor that may result in a modern Islamic democratic state that lives in harmony and peace with racial and ethnic minorities.
Defeating Religious Fanaticism Using Their Own Tools
Legalizing the Illegal
Internationalization: A Joint Israeli-Palestinian SOS!
Samih Al-Qasim, 1939-2014
Gaza on the Verge of Explosion
Israel And Palestine – Last Chance for the Bilateral Process
Why a Middle East Zone Free of Nuclear Weapons and WMD
The Younger Generation
Civil Society Challenges 2012
The Arab Spring: Progress Report and Conclusions
The Arab Spring may not blossom soon, but the political will of the Arab people is liberating itself from the grip of dictatorships, and this will have a strong impact on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
The Arab Spring and Its Implications
Women and Power
The Importance of Jerusalem: Why a Double Issue
The Next Generation: Young Palestinians and Israelis Look Towards the Future
The Nuclear Option and Peace in the Middle East
Israel’s nuclear option is not any less dangerous than Iran’s, but comprehensive peace will bring an end to Israeli and Iranian nuclear claims.
The Steps to Be Taken Before It Is Too Late
Between the Political Solution and Exercising the Right of Return
A political solution to the refugee problem entails a creative approach to the right of return.
Can the Irresolvable Be Resolved?
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Future Prospects
There is no need for new peace formulas; what is needed is action on the ground.
Syria and Israel in a World of Changing Concepts
A Syrian-Israeli peace may call for an innovative redefinition of time-honored concepts such as sovereignty.
Nakba and Independence
Two Sides of the Same Coin
Peace and the Challenges of Faits Accomplis
The creation of facts on the ground by Israel threaten the establishment of a viable Palestinian state with defined borders.
The Arab Peace Initiative
Future Options
The "Unification" of Jerusalem
Israel has failed to “unify” Jerusalem; the city remains divided 40 years on.
Jerusalem ... 40 Years Later
A Century-Old Conflict
Middle East Peace in Light of the Lebanon War and the Iranian Nuclear Program
An international conference seems to be the only option.
Oslo Reconsidered
The peace process urgently needs a revised mechanism.
A Courageous Approach
To Our Readers
The Palestinian Right of Return: a Realistic Approach
The Right of Return as a just national, historical and individual claim, which must find a realistic solution acceptable to the Palestinian people
Let Us Beat Our Swords into Ploughshares
To our readers
The Road to Peace
Why Oslo Must Not Fail
What are the options for easing tension and isolating extremists on both sides?
Jerusalem: Logic and Emotions
Israeli practices in Jerusalem are a threat to peace.
Our Jerusalem
The Difficult Year Ahead
Seeking Justice
Failure to solve the refugee problem threatens the prospect of peace.
The Real Challenge
In the final analysis Israel will be the loser in aborting the peace process
Binyamin Netanyahu: Ideology and Realism
The dilemmas of the Netanyahu government - ideology against pragmatism.
The Road to Nowhere
Land: The Core of the Conflict
Israel must recognize that on this land another people claim the same rights.
What Next?
The Hamas Victory: Implications and Future Challenges
Why Hamas won and what awaits it in the political arena.
Making Peace between Peoples
Lost Opportunity
The Need for a Fresh Start
Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen): The Arafat Legacy, the Challenges, the New Perspectives
Maintaining Dialogue, Rejecting Despair
The Role of the International Community
Jerusalem: A Need for Tolerance and Sharing
Statement of Principles
First printed in Ha’aretz, July 23, 2002
Two Peoples ... Two States
Seeking the Road to Peace
Reforms in the PA, an Israeli withdrawal from the Territories and a return to negotiations are the only way to improve the current situation.
Separation or Conciliation
Was it a Missed Opportunity?
Did President Bush Expect the Unexpected?
What will be the repercussions of the war in Iraq for the rest of the region?
The Mud of Iraq


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