Hillel Schenker

Hillel Schenker

Hillel Schenker is co-editor of Palestine-Israel Journal. He is a former editor of the Israeli peace monthly New Outlook founded in the spirit of Martin Buber’s philosophy of dialogue and was involved in the inception of the Peace Now movement.  He is currently completing an activist/memoir whose working title is “Eye-Witness in Israel-Palestine: From Utopia to Dystopia?”


Democracy on the Defensive in Israel and Palestine
Amidst the Horror Lies an Opportunity for Peace
Tel Aviv: 1948, Cradle of the State; 2023, Center of the Resistance
Tel Aviv, the site where the State of Israel was declared and home to the country’s first generation of poets, artists, and other elites, is now leading the struggle over the future of the state.
One Celebrates Independence While the Other Commemorates the Nakba
The Election Shock
The new extreme right-wing government and its implications.
Russia-Ukraine, Israel-Palestine?
It is not accurate to compare the Russia-Ukraine case with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but it may open up new opportunities for resolving the conflict.
Future Scenarios – Where Do We Go from Here?
Despair Is Not an Option
Israeli and Palestinian Youth Face the Future
What the Biden Administration Can Do to Help Advance Israeli-Palestinian Peace
We should ask of the incoming U.S. Administration to declare clear support for the two-state solution, to rebuild its relationship with the Palestinians, and back multilateral peace initiatives
25th Anniversary of the Palestine-Israel Journal
The Steal of the Century
An Israeli's Thoughts About Germans and Palestinians
Israeli opposition to anything German due to the horrors of the Nazi period began to change with the 1952 Reparations Agreement, and today one can hope that Germany will be able to make a positive contribution towards achieving peace in the Middle East.
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict at a Crossroads
Oslo Then and Now — What's Next
50 Years of Occupation – Enough!
Lessons from North Ireland for the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process: An Israeli Perspective
Young Voices from the United-Divided City of Jerusalem
The International Community’s Role in Israeli History
Natural Resources and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Kerry Initiative at the Crossroads
Why a Middle East Zone Free of Nuclear Weapons and WMD
What’s Wrong with BDS?
The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement’s biggest problem is that it will not work
The Israeli Summer and the Arab Spring
Without placing the price of the settlements and the occupation and the need to resolve the conflict on the agenda, there is no possibility of achieving social justice in its deepest sense.
Women and Power
The Importance of Jerusalem: Why a Double Issue
The Next Generation: Young Palestinians and Israelis Look Towards the Future
No More Holocausts
Looking back at Auschwitz and Hiroshima, looking forward towards a nuclear-free Middle East.
Peace Prospects after the Israeli Elections
Goodbye to Abie
Remembering Abie Nathan and the “Voice of Peace”.
2009- A Year of New Opportunities
Image of the Enemy: 1948-2008
The image of the other in Israeli society has had its ups and downs.
1948 – Looking Backward, Looking Forward
Nearing a Possible Crossroads
Apocalypse Tomorrow? Nearing the Nuclear Edge
The case for non-conventional weapons arms control and a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone in the region.
Initiatives Now
The Ascendance of Israel’s Radical Right by Ehud Sprinzak
A timely analysis of the roots and historical relevance of Israel’s radical Right
Photo Essay: Caza-Jericho First
Rabin of Israel by Robert Slater
Rabin may be a great man but his biography is full of flaws.
Jerusalem: the View from Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv is the real capital of modern Israel.
Bibi among the Nations
A Place among the Nations: Israel and the World by Binyamin Netanyahu Reviewed by Hillel Schenker Instead of "Read my lips," Netanyahu says "Read my book."
Chronicles of Peace Activism
In Pursuit of Peace: A History of the Israeli Peace Movement by Mordechai Bar-On, reviewed by Hillel Schenker Formerly a high army officer and now a peace activist, Bar-On has written a good mainstream history of the Israeli peace movement.
Breaking Down the Iron Wall
“Palestinian filmmakers are demonstrating a growing maturity” says Alattar
The Rocky Road from Big Brother"s Helper to Government Watchdog
The Israeli press may have overcome " guided journalism " but its freedom of expression faces new challenges.
After the Summit


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