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Human Security
Vol.15 No.3 2008

Table of Contents


  • 2009- A Year of New Opportunities
         by Hillel Schenker

  • Human Security on the Global Commons
          The consequences of what we do in the present must lead to an improved quality of life.
         by Hassan bin Talal

  • Why Human Security Is Relevant to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
          Reframing “security” as “human security” can clear the path for a genuine search for peace.
         by Lucy Nusseibeh

  • A European Union Human Security Doctrine for the Middle East
          The EU should use its relationship with Israel to press for a human security doctrine for Israelis and Palestinians
         by Mary Kaldor

  • The Impact of Self-Organized Security Zones in the Middle East
          Self-organized security zones can play a crucial role in Iraq and Israel-Palestine.
         by Mient Jan Faber

  • The East Timor Model
          The international trusteeship model used in East Timor could work in the Middle East.
         by Dan Jacobson

  • Equity to the Rescue: A New Approach to Legal Humanitarian Intervention
         Equitable humanitarian intervention has a strong legal foundation
         by Ciaran Burke

  • “Shooting Back” for Human Security
         Cameras have become both a deterrent and a means of empowerment in the West Bank.
         by Melissa Schwab and by Oren Yakobovic

  • Human Security in Iraq
         Security and democracy in Iraq are a long way off, but Iraqis remain hopeful for a better tomorrow.
         by Wamith al-Kassab

  • We Must Find a Way of Cooperating as a Region
         interview with Raja Shehadeh

  • Human Security
         Yizhar Be’er, Rabbi Arik Ascherman, Ziad Hammouri and Dr. Munther Dajani. Moderators; Benjamin Pogrund and Walid Salem.

  • The Courage to Persist, the Will to Build
          Palestinians must first rid themselves of the fear, skepticism and loss of self-esteem engendered by the occupation.
         by Salam Fayyad

  • When Ideology Leads to Destruction: Home Demolitions in East Jerusalem
         Israeli policy results in the “quiet transfer” of Palestinians from East Jerusalem
         by Nicoletta Dimova

  • The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Future Prospects
         There is no need for new peace formulas; what is needed is action on the ground.
         by Ziad AbuZayyad

  • A Palestinian View on the Oxford Strategic Group Report
         A strategic study should be credible, fact-based and guided by high national interests.
         by Diab Nasr

  • Mahmoud Darwish: A Profile
         On the passing of a personal friend and a great poet of Palestine.
         by Hassan Khader

  • Poet, Rival and Friend
         Personal memories of the Palestinian national poet from a leading Israeli author
         by Avraham B.Yehoshua

  • Goodbye to Abie
         Remembering Abie Nathan and the “Voice of Peace”.
         by Hillel Schenker

  • Encounter Point: The Trials and Tribulations of Grassroots Peace Activism
         A moving cinematic portrayal of Israeli and Palestinian victims of violence
         by Heidi Basch

  • A Report by the Palestine Strategy Study Group

    Chronology of Events
  • Chronology of Events: July 1, 2008 to October 1, 2008
          Compiled by Najat Hirbawi

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