Tamar Hermann

Tamar Hermann

Dr. Tamar Hermann is a faculty member of the Open University of Israel and the director of the Steinmetz Center for Peace Research, Tel Aviv University.


Fifty Years of Occupation: The Effectiveness of Activity for Peace in Israel, 1967-2017
The claim that because a peace agreement has not been signed between the Israelis and Palestinians peace activists have failed is baseless
Israeli Public Opinion and the Peace Process - An interview
Israeli public opinion polls reveal a legitimization of the Oslo peace process.
When the Policy-Maker and the Public Meet: Sharon, Israeli-Jewish Public Opinion and the Unilateral Disengagement Plan
There is a high degree of agreement between Sharon's plan and public opinion.
Only America, And Only Through Diplomacy: Israeli Jewish Attitudes to International Involvement in the Quest for a Solution to the Conflict
The only international factor that Israeli Jews want is the U.S

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