Vol. 27 No. 3&4 , 2022
What Do We Do Now? Meeting Challenges, Defeating Despair

Israel held five parliamentary elections during the last three years, with no stable governmental coalition. In the latest elections on November 1, 2022, however, the right-wing bloc (the national camp) led by Benjamin Netanyahu won a clear majority of 64 seats in the parliament. His coalition is composed of the ultra-Orthodox religious parties Shas, United Torah Judaism (Agudat Yisrael and Degel HaTorah factions), and the extreme nationalist Religious Zionist party led by Bezalel Smotrich, and Itamar Ben-Gvir, the founder of the Otzma Yehudit party that is heir to the ideology of the racist Rabbi Meir Kahana, whose Kach party was banned in 1994 for terrorism and racism. This coalition led by Benjamin Netanyahu is the most right-wing government in Israel’s history.

Though the United States and other countries expressed their concern and fears about a further deterioration in the situation because of the participation of ultra-nationalist figures in
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Table of Contents
  1. WHAT TO DO NOW ( )

    Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  2. Focus
  3. Time For Jewish-Arab Joint Struggle Against Fanaticism and Racism ( )
    The more the Israeli politics shift to the right and to the religious right and discloses its intentions against the Palestinians, the more the Palestinians opt to violence and extremism.
    By Ziad AbuZayyad Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  4. Keeping the Faith ( )
    With the Israeli occupation in its 56th year and no solution in sight, it is morality that compels us to keep the faith in the struggle to end the occupation.
    By Susie Becher Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  5. The Palestinian Leadership Present and Future: Challenges on the Path to Liberationand Peace ( )
    The Palestinian internal political situation is in a crisis that must be addressed in order to stand up and confront the external challenge of mobilizing international action to end the occupation.
    By Ahmad Majdalani Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  6. Why Optimism About the Prospects of the Two-State Solution Is Justified ( )
    Choosing optimism is a strategic choice because the only way to influence the future is by combining a critical mind with a hopeful heart. Despair is not a work plan.
    By Nadav Tamir Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  7. Look Carefully into the Eyes of My Children and Remember That When You Look into the Eyes of Yours ( )
    Despite the promising beginning of the Oslo process, Israel did all it could to bury the dream and hasn’t recognized that real security will come only with real peace.
    By Ahmed Soboh Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  8. Give Peace a Chance – Free Marwan Barghouti ( )
    Comparing the history of Marwan Barghouti with that of Nelson Mandela, one wonders if future generations will understand why Israel kept Barghouti from leading his people to peace for so long.
    By Alon Liel Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  9. An Initiative to Heal the Palestinian Political System and Unite the People ( )
    The situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories requires not only reform but a deep and extensive change that will allow for the reunification of the Palestinian land and political system.
    By Nasser al-Kidwa Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  10. What Do We Do Now? ( )
    A new vision is necessary along with the will to explain the price which will have to be paid to implement it and demonstrate how the objective will be achieved.
    By Menachem Klein Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  11. One Federal Democratic State ( )
    It is necessary to start thinking outside the box and draw the parameters of another solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict: one federal democratic state on the land of historical Palestine.
    By Raif Hussein Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  12. Proposals for Israeli, Palestinian, and International Action Now ( )
    Several basic steps are needed to create an environment of direct action to break the political impasse on both sides and restore hope for political progress toward resolving the conflict.
    By Gershon Baskin Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  13. Will they ever be free of the swamp? Thoughts about the reality of Arabs in Israel ( )
    The collective definition of the Arabs in Israel as “a stateless minority” is important for the promotion of their political and social status as an indigenous minority and as citizens of the state.
    By Maysoun Ershead Shehadeh Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  14. The Abraham Accords: Illusion and Reality ( )
    Despite Israel’s attempts to portray the Abraham Accords as a great success, the Arab publics reject the attempt to bypass the Palestinians and there won’t be peace without resolving the conflict.
    By Moshe Ma’oz Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  15. Three Decades of a Process Without Peace: How to Break the Impasse? ( )
    Although Israel breached the signed agreements with the Palestinians and continues to violate international law, the world allows it to sustain a cost-free occupation with Jewish supremacy over the entire land.
    By Dalal Iriqat Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  16. Slogans Are Not Enough ( )
    The Israeli peace camp must step outside its reliance on brandishing slogans to influence public opinion and must recognize opportunities to take actual steps to implement its ideals.
    By Laura Wharton Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  17. The Palestinian-Israeli Relationship: Proposals and Solutions ( )
    Any political solution that is not based on ending the Israeli occupation and on the international legitimacy parameters on which the peace process was established is doomed to fail.
    By Firas Yaghi Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  18. A Palestinian State Now or Equal Rights Until There Is a Solution ( )
    If Israel denies its rule is an occupation, the international community is entitled to hold it accountable to the equality standard, meaning equal treatment for everyone under Israel’s jurisdiction.
    By Tony Klug Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  19. A Palestinian State Now or Equal Rights Until There Is a Solution ( )
    The current reality is unsustainable. We have an obligation to deal with the here, the now, and the present. More occupation will yield more resistance; more statehood will yield more diplomacy.
    By Sam Bahour Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  20. Roundtable
  21. After the Israeli Elections: What Do We Do Now? ( )
    Michael Sfard, Jessica Montell, Hind Khoury, Ziad AbuZayyad, Galit Hasan-Rokem, Gershon Baskin, Frances Raday, Tony Klug, Susie Becher, Hillel Schenker. Moderated by Daoud Kuttab.
    Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  22. Viewpoint
  23. The Election Shock ( )
    The new extreme right-wing government and its implications.
    By Hillel Schenker Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  24. A Palestinian Perspective on the Recent Israeli Elections ( )
    A profound shift in the Israeli political system stick-up as an uncalculated right-wing coup with all its messianic and fascistic features, but apparently it will not last long.
    By Tayseer Khaled Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  25. Canary in a Coal Mine: The Case of the Churches and the Status of Jerusalem ( )
    As independent, visible, ancient guardians of holy sites, as well as the largest landowners after the state, churches have emerged as a symbol of what radicals seek to change about Jerusalem.
    By Anna Koulouris Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  26. Culture, Literature and the Arts
  27. Israel’s Protest Poetry: The Guerrilla Tarbut Phenomenon ( )
    Jewish literature throughout the ages changed form and content according to its needs within its surroundings, however, young Israeli poets’ innovation created a new literary phenomenon where poetry and cross-border activism meet.
    By Amir Akiva Segal Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  28. The Thing about Feathers ( )
    Palestinian Poetry
    By Nathalie Handal Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  29. The Unnatural Apologie of Shadows ( )

    By Nathalie Handal Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  30. Three Poems for Gaza (2014) ( )

    By Nathalie Handal Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  31. Exodus ( )

    By Taha Muhammad ‘Ali Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  32. Books and Publications Received
  33. Recently Received Books and Publications ( )

    Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  34. Documents
  35. National Rescue Initiative ( )
    A transitional body for transformation and renewal
    Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022
  36. An Initiative to End the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict ( )

    Vol. 27 No. 3&4 2022